Back-in diagonal parking is coming to Topeka!!

Back-in spots improve sight lines when cars exit a stall, making it easier to spot approaching vehicles or bicyclists. Loading items into a trunk or tailgate is easier and safer to do from the sidewalk than the street.

1 – Signal
2 – Stop
3 – Reverse



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Example, Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, WA

The use of back-in/head-out angle parking has increased steadily in cities across the country for safety reasons. The city of Topeka will be installing back-in parking on VanBuren between 6th and 7th Street on the west side of VanBuren. Back-in/head-out angle parking is similar to both parallel and standard angle parking. As with parallel parking, the driver enters the stall by stopping and backing. When leaving the stall, the driver can simply pull out of the stall, and has a better view of the oncoming traffic.

Be sure to drive by the 600 block of VanBuren Street & experience back in angle parking first hand.

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Back-in/head-out provides the following advantages:

Ø Better visibility when leaving. This is particularly important
where drivers find their views blocked by large vehicles and/or
tinted windows, in adjacent parked vehicles.

Ø Drivers do not back blindly into an active traffic lane.

Ø The back-in maneuver is simpler than a parallel parking

Ø The open doors of the vehicle block pedestrian access to the
travel lane and guide pedestrians to the sidewalk, which is a
safety benefit, particularly for children.

Ø Children exiting or entering the car are guided into the
car when the door is opened, rather than blocked from the

Ø Back-in/head-out parking puts most cargo loading (into trunks,
tailgates) on the curb, rather than in the street.

Ø A more bicycle-friendly arrangement where drivers can see
approaching bicycles.

Ø The driver of a parked vehicle can make eye contact with
anyone in the street, including other drivers, bicyclists, or

Some more examples you can see are in New York (Newtown Road near the Woodside Houses):

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New York Street, Indianapolis, Indiana

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18th Street Northwest, Washington, District of Columbia, United States

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