Bike Around Topeka Fundraiser for TopekaBikeways

Come to the Bike Around Topeka fundraiser on Sunday September 28th at 1:00pm. The fundraiser is sponsored by the Kaw Valley Bicycle Club featuring 4 routes. Suggested donation is $15.00 per person and $30.00 per family. Larger donations are welcome. There will be SAG stops available on each route.

Route 1 Family

BAT Route 1 Family

Bike across topeka

Family Route 1

Route 1

BAT Route 1

BAC Route 1

Route 2

BAT Route 2

BAC Route 2

Route 3

BAT Route 3

BAC Route 3

Sponsor Donation Report


Here is an Overview of the amazing sponsors of the Topeka Bikeways Project,

Thank you to all the generous sponsors! Here is a listing by size of Donation.

Tour de France Winners $10,000

  • Krumins Family Fund of the Topeka Community Foundation
  • Topeka Community Foundation Health Grant

Tour de France Racers $5,000

  • Betty Sisk/ Topeka Community Foundation Fund
  • CSS Fund of Topeka Community Foundation

Century Riders $2,500

  • Kaw Valley Bike Club
  • Parker Family Fund
  • S.K. “Ken” and Pam Alexander

Sprinters $1000

  • Bartlett and West Engineering
  • Capps Jerry Armstrong
  • Sandra K and Staley J Vogel
  • Steve Briman
  • Andy and Kristine Frye
  • Jason Tanton/Prudential

Up-Hill Racers $500

  • Jan Hamilton
  • Leroy and Lois Wages
  • Roger and Karen Viola/ TCF Fund
  • Laura Burton and Sara O’Keeffe

Down-Hill Racers $250

  • Michael Bradley
  • Brian Austin
  • Judy Thomas/ Dover Café
  • Kristine Wellborn

Riders $100

  • Paul Post
  • Art Glassman
  • Bill Lucero
  • Erin Chamberlain
  • Gregory B. Dawson

Supporters <$100

  • Anonymous
  • Carlson Scroggins
  • Kem Cooper

Updated Sun Jun 01 2014