Sponsor Donation Report


Here is an Overview of the amazing sponsors of the Topeka Bikeways Project,

Thank you to all the generous sponsors! Here is a listing by size of Donation.

Tour de France Winners $10,000

  • Krumins Family Fund of the Topeka Community Foundation
  • Topeka Community Foundation Health Grant

Tour de France Racers $5,000

  • Betty Sisk/ Topeka Community Foundation Fund
  • CSS Fund of Topeka Community Foundation

Century Riders $2,500

  • Kaw Valley Bike Club
  • Parker Family Fund
  • S.K. “Ken” and Pam Alexander

Sprinters $1000

  • Bartlett and West Engineering
  • Capps Jerry Armstrong
  • Sandra K and Staley J Vogel
  • Steve Briman
  • Andy and Kristine Frye
  • Jason Tanton/Prudential

Up-Hill Racers $500

  • Jan Hamilton
  • Leroy and Lois Wages
  • Roger and Karen Viola/ TCF Fund
  • Laura Burton and Sara O’Keeffe

Down-Hill Racers $250

  • Michael Bradley
  • Brian Austin
  • Judy Thomas/ Dover Café
  • Kristine Wellborn

Riders $100

  • Paul Post
  • Art Glassman
  • Bill Lucero
  • Erin Chamberlain
  • Gregory B. Dawson

Supporters <$100

  • Anonymous
  • Carlson Scroggins
  • Kem Cooper

Updated Sun Jun 01 2014

New Logo!

The winners of the logo contest are Laura Burton and Sara O’Keeffe.

Topeka Bikeways Logos zip file all formats.

Topeka Bikeways Logo PDF PDF file format.

Read more in the TCJ article here http://cjonline.com/news/2013-05-12/topeka-road-being-more-bicycle-friendly